Saturday, July 31, 2010

Guess who's on vacation?

Yup.....that would be me. I don't do it very often, but I'm taking a week
off to spend with the family, no my entire family. Like 32 of us total.
Lake George, NY will never be the same after this week! This will be
the last hurrah before I send both of my daughters off to college.
Yes, I am broke too!

Nice shot with my youngest daughter Nicole at her recent
birthday/graduation party!

For my biker cronies, here's some shots from last weekend.
Sun just coming up as we crest Mad River Ski Area
Then we hit the twisties heading down the other side.

Enlarge this shot, yes that is the road that winds down through
the mountains. We are so spoiled.........

Later in the day, we cross into NY via the ferry.

The red head is not really fond of water, but she
handled it quite well.

And for any of you that want to visit us this fall. We have a
pair of these little Aprilia rockets in the stable. Leo I know
this is killing you buddy!!

Basically these are 250cc two stroke GP bikes.
Under 300 pounds and they will give any bike
fits up in the mountains. And how can you not
like the sound of 14,000 rpm's???

Oh yeah, not that much new in this week. First time
in a while. Hope to post a few vacation shots this week.
Have a great week!
Till next time.....

Friday, July 23, 2010


Another week in the record books. First off, my buddy from
down under Tim Vickridge correctly guessed my age. For the
rest of you, thanks for all the email guesses and I'm flattered
by those of you that thought I was in my 30's and 40's. I should
be sending all of you a goody bag too!
The correct number, yes the big 5-0.
My theory: It's simply a number, you're only as old as you act.
In my case, I'm forever a teenager....

Would love to be out on the left coast this weekend attending
the Laguna Seca Moto GP race. Hope you guys get good weather
and I'll be watching from the comfort of home unfortunately.
Go Ducati!!!

OK, on to the good stuff that arrived this week.

If you are a Donohue fan, this book should be in your

Includes hundreds of photographs from throughout his
carreer. Great stuff for you sports car buffs.

The latest issue of The Car Room magazine

Joe Kelly does a great job, in my opinion the best
magazine out there for the die cast collector.

Premium Classixxs 1:12 Porsche's

We are finally back on board with these guys. We have
six different versions of the Porsche in stock right now.
These are a bargain when it comes to 1:12 models.

Latest 1:18 release from CMC

This one wasn't supposed to arrive until mid-August.
It's the Mercedes 300 SLR Ulenhaut Coupe. Impeccable
as with all CMC models. This one features real leather
interior, dual spares, meticulous engine detail and more!
We have just a few left after filling all our pre-orders.

1:18 Ferrari 312PB Prototype

Another Ferrari from GMP in the Masterpiece Collection.
These are great for those of you that like to produce your
own versions.

1:18 Mattel Super Elite

We haven't seen a Super Elite Ferrari in a long time.
This is the Dino 246 with beige interior. It comes mounted
on a leather base.
New 1:18 Pagani versions by Mondo
If you're a budget minded collector, you need to check
out Mondo. Really good stuff for this price range.

New 1:43 Premium Classixxs

Including this cool BMW truck loaded with 4 Isetta's.....

More 1:43 Schuco

Porsche 907 Long Tail LeMans '67 Rindt/Mitter
New batch of Spark/Bizarre 1:43
Among them is this 1965 Triumph Spitfire as driven at
LeMans by David Hobbs and Rob Slotemaker.

New 1:32 Slot Arrivals

How about a hot blonde behind the wheel of a 911 Carrera?
I have to admit this is the first time I have seen a female
driver figure.....but I'm still learning this whole slot car thing!
OK, that's going to do it for now.
Hope everyone has a good weekend.
Catch ya Monday......

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Short week!

For this cat anyways.....
Long weekend commin' at me! Woo-Hoo!!

OK, not a whole lot new this week but a few that we
have been waiting a long time for.

Schumacher 1st F1 drive

1991 Jordan 7-Up Belgium GP
This is a re-issue, but no Schumacher collection will
ever be complete without it.

Last call!

TSM 1:18 Porsche 935 Jagermeister
We have 12 pieces in stock, and then it's gone for good.
These are a bargain and superb detail for this price range.

Minichamps 1:12

Triumph Speed Twin 1939
This one we have under 10 left after filling all the
pre-orders. If you collect the vintage bikes, this one
is a must have.
1:43 Guys and Gals..........
We have waited almost 3 years for these. The Ford P68
versions from the Nurburgring 1968. Very few to spare.
Don't be snoozin' on these......

New Arrivals from Amalgam

1:12 Ferrari 2010 Alonso Nose Cone
These are great for the desk!

2010 Mercedes F1 Steering wheel
Quarter scale, these include a base and acrylic cover.

Oh yeah, the reason I'm blowin' town:
It's my birthday and I'm gonna party like
a rockstar! They couldn't fit all 34 candles
into this little cupcake......

The first one to email me with the correct
guess/answer as to how old I really am will receive a
special gift from yours truly. Maybe call Kelly
or Mary and see if they will give out any hints?

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Friday, July 9, 2010

Trying to beat the heat......

Well here in VT we are on a long run of mid 90's days and mid
70's at night. I shouldn't be complaining because it will be
snowing before we know it.....after all it is summer I guess!

I am blown away at the number of emails I am getting these
days from all of you that follow the blog. I never imagined it
would become this popular. This makes me want to re-visit
the idea of having a forum where we could all chime in/post
pics and interact, instead of all you just having to listen to me??
Any interest or comments are welcome.....

OK, a bunch of new stuff this week.
Autoart is on a roll......

Porsche 908/2 McQueen/Revson
We have been waiting almost 2 years for this one!

Nissan R390 GT1

Any of you remember the Mazda 787B from a
few years ago? Well, this is AA's return to the
high end endurance car market. Superb detail
and still a bargain in this day and age of $300.00
Parnelli Jones Mustang

Another one we have waited patiently for......

Spark Audi R8 race versions starting to arrive
We only got a few (Ron yours is on the way)
Interested you better make a move, not sure if
we are able to re-stock these!
CMC shipment just in.

Those of you that pre-ordered have had this one for
a while now, but we finally received another shipment
so we actually have it in stock now for those that didn't

1964 Porsche 904 (911)
This dark blue version was an exclusive only available
at Porsche dealerships. Now available through authorized
CMC dealers, this one is in stock for immediate shipping.

Bizarre 1:43

Triumph Bonneville "Devils Arrow" Land Speed
motorcycle. September 1955, Johnny Allen brought
this gem up to 182.45 mph at the Salt Flats of Bonneville.
Pretty damn fast for 1955 huh?

New batch of Spark 1:43

Among them are a Lola T222 and Firestone Ford Transit Van

Minichamps 1:43
Sauber C9 Michelin '87 Nurburgring winner
Any of you remember the old Max Models?
Looks like their mold......
Alrighty then, that's gonna do it for today.
Hope you all have a good weekend!
I see some twisty roads on two wheels in my future
this weekend. Of course I will have my trusty little
gadget with me so look for some pix next week.
Till then.....

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Spark 2010 LeMans listings.........

OK, for you 1:43 guys Spark has finally given us listings
for the 2010 LeMans grid. Feel free to get your pre-orders
in now. These will start to arrive in the fall and continue through
the end of the year most likely. Check it out!!

Also, Spark is jumping into the modern day F1 ring this year.

And last but not least, Minichamps has recently added more of the F1
teams in 1:43. We are getting close to the entire grid being available.

Ferrari is still (unfortunately) a Mattel exclusive.

Psssssss......4th of July sale started today!
Be back at ya soon!