Wednesday, April 29, 2009

April 29

OK, so I'm slackin'....
The good weather has arrived here in VT. We saw several days in the high 80's recently, so hopefully this means that summer will really come this year.

Our computer woes are under control for the moment. We have a lot of "internal projects" going on with both Replicarz and Sport Craft. Time consuming and tedious but in the long run well worth the time and effort that we are putting in. These are definitely zapping my "fun" time, but we all have to take one for the team sonner or later......
The fruits of our labor will start to show soon, and we have a few surprises in store too.

Last week:
New BBR Ferrari 375

Re-stock on Senna 1986 Lotus

Minichamps MB 300 SLR in cream

A ton of new 1:43, including a big IXO shipment. Check them out;

Minichamps 2009 master catalog is in:

The Grand Prix Motorcycle book:

Be back at ya shortly!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

April 16

Argh! More computer issues this week. In case you guys didn't know it, I'm the in house IT guy. For any of you that care, we are on the verge of marrying both inventories of Replicarz and Sport Craft. Probably doesn't sound too exciting to most of you but for us it is a big step.
OK....some biz:

Gotta start with something for us bike heads.

Casey Stoner 2007 Ducati World Champion

We have been waiting for these and they're finally in. The Premium X series by IXO. Classic American luxury cars seem to be the theme. Excellent quality and detail. Very similar to the Museum Collection but these are resin and not metal.

Quite a bit of new 1:43 from last week:

Finally from Minichamps, 1983 LeMans winner

And re-stock on the 1982 winner:

Massa Ferrari 2008 Turkish Hat Trick

White F430 by BBR:

Most likley be back tomorrow.....

Friday, April 10, 2009

April 10

You guys wanna have a good laugh.....

Vid quality is terrible but I'm a rookie with my new toy.
The story that goes with it. My bud Sean Edwards from Ottawa has every Rossi bike/figure/helmet that Minichamps has ever come out with. One day we were joking around and asking when Minichamps was going to produce his first tricycle or Big Wheel? Out of the blue with no notice I receive this gem from Sean. I couldn't think of a better piece to use as my first edition of "Models in Motion"
Here's to ya Sean, you've been punk'd.

I'm working tomorrow, so the biz end of things will be posted then.
Are you guys getting to know me? Pleasure before business!
Happy Easter to all.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

April 5

Hey All,
Non -Biz: Hats off to my friend Ken Botts for sharing a few pics of his Norton John Player edition. He completely restored the bike to original condition. They were produced I believe between '72 and '75, very rare to see one of these in good mechanical condition. Sweet ride but Ken tells me that he won't be riding it to VT. to see me this summer due to the slightly uncomfy seat position. He has a few other bikes in the stable so no big deal. I'm a junkie for bike pics but by all means send me your cars, boats, motorhomes, lawn tractors.........if it has a motor I'm interested.
A few new announcements. After much anticipation, we are now taking orders for the BBR 1:18 Ferrari 512BB. Very limited edition of just 509 pieces. This one will go fast, snoozers will be forced to buy on ebay and pay too much.

If you like the really big stuff (and can afford them) Real Art Replicas is coming out with the '87 Porsche 962 Daytona winner in 1:8 scale. The Lowenbrau car has long been a favorite of Porsche fans and collectors. The pics look pretty impressive. It won't be delivered until September/October so still plenty of time to slowly break the news to the wife.

Honorable mentions this week:
1:18 Porsche 911 in blue from CMC

1:43 new Minichamps, Spark, Redline and more. Check out the new category for this week:

A little out of the ordinary:
1:12 2008 McLaren Lewis Hamilton Nose cone

till next time.......