Tuesday, May 26, 2009

May 26

Ok, so I've been a bit lax, but only due to the countless computer issues we have been having and the fact that you guys (and a few girls) have been keeping me more than busy. Hopefully we are on the road back to stability.

Despite the crazy economic conditions, we have been quite busy and business is nice and steady for this time of year. Contrary to what I'm reading and hearing about the mail order industry in general, we have been pretty much business as usual. This in my opinion is a testament to our loyal customer base. My thanks go out to all of you that continue to support Replicarz and Sport Craft, even in the worst of economic times. Considering that we are selling things that people really don't need to survive (this could be debated by many of you I'm sure) it's a great feeling to know we have customers that will support us in good times and in bad.

It will take me a few posts to get you up to speed with all the juicy info and the latest releases, but here's one that we just got the announcement on and I've had mega inquiries on already. It's the 1:18 Ferrari powered Speed Boat by BBR. Only 509 are being produced, and we could only secure 24 pieces. So don't be snoozin' on this one. You can read about it here:

You can pre-order it now:

We will have some images up tomorrow. In the meantime, hang tight.
Be back at ya soon.