Friday, March 27, 2009

March 27

For any of you looking for some of the BBR limited edition Ferrari's, I scored a very few of these 375's.
1:18 BBR Ferrari 375 Plus Le Mans 1954 - HE180020

This was an exclusive run produced for one of the European BBR agents, limited edition of just 180 pieces. Now that's what I call a limited edition. We figured the only fair way to do it was to auction it off on ebay. Bid to win boyz!

OK, so Saturday is supposed to be sunny and high 50's. I'm not fallin' into that same trap I did last weekend thinkin' I'm heading off for a nice long rip on the DUC. I'm going snowboarding with my daughter instead. Yes, we still have mega snow in the mts. here. Hopefully it will be a short sleeve kinda day with my high flyin' border chic daughter Nicole. Wish me luck tryin' to keep up with the 16 year old crowd! This might end up being more dangerous than motorcycling.....

The 2009 F1 season starts up this weekend from Down Under, if you want to see it live tune into Speed at 1:30am EST Sunday. Should be interesting as some of the top teams are struggling to get up to speed. 2008 World Champ Lewis Hamilton has admitted that the new car needs much work before it will be back at the front. Might be worth staying up for?
Hope everyone has a good weekend!


Thursday, March 26, 2009

March 26

Hey all,
Spring Cleaning Sale now in progress at Replicarz.
Here's the skinny:
10% off all in stock models, all brands apply
20% off all Minichamps

If ordering via the website, the Minichamps items will not show the correct discount. Have no fear, these will be manually adjusted prior to processing your order.
Sale will also start tomorrow at Sport Craft

Each weekend for the next month or so we will feature a certain brand that we will be discounting the older stock. Break open those piggy banks guys cuz there will be mega deals to be had. These are all A1 quality models that we will be blowing out.

Big drought this week in regards to "new" arrivals. First time in a while that we have just a handful of new releases. But who needs new releases when we're talkin' sales?

If you're into the little stuff, check out this cool piece we just got from Norev:

Schumacher Benetton B191B early season '92 version

For you bargain hunters, our ebay store is loaded to the hilt right now with trash and treasures. Our newest employee Jon B. has been grindin' hard on both the ebay store and the auctions for damaged items. Some mad deals await those who have the time to cruise our listings:

FYI: I broke down and bought a new HD camcorder, so get ready for some youtube vids that will include everything from on board footage from the DUC, model reviews by yours truly, and maybe even some "meet the Replicarz crew" footage.

I must say I'm impressed with the number of emails and calls I'm getting from customers and friends that are checking the blog regularly. I'm trying to keep it from becoming all business and just about model cars. I'm constantly asked by customers things like what are my hobbies, what kind of car do I drive, what pushes my buttons? So by all means don't be shy about letting me know your comments, questions, or even advice.
OK enough babble for now.........
Till next time......

Sunday, March 22, 2009

March 22

first rule of thumb when you live in VT, never believe the weather man. That nice little rip I had planned yesterday with mid 50's and sunny skies........yeah that turned into a very cold hundy mile survival ride. The DUC has an air temp gauge, I must admit when I took off around 2:00 it read 50 degrees. That was the last time I ever saw anything close to 50. Headed east on Rt. 4 towards the mts. With just a bit of elevation it was now 44, as I crested Killington I saw 35 (brrrr), headed north on Rt. 100 I rode a long time and it was stuck on 37.

This was the average temp for the majority of this little test. Full leathers helped but they weren't designed for snowmobiling conditions. My hands were blocks after 20 miles. The roads were actually in very good shape for this early. Not much sand and the frost heaves were minimal. A few close calls with johnny law but no incidents. The passport did it's job nicely.

For those of you that don't know, as of October 20,2008 I now hold a new record. Quickest time for getting pulled over by State Troopers in two different states. I was issued a citation for exceeding the speed limit (if you can believe that) in VT. After taking my spanking like a man, I get back under way and approx. 12 minutes later I saw red lights in my mirrors and this time it was NY johnny. The officer just happened to be a biker so he let me totally slide. Ya gotta love getting pulled over by a State Trooper and he ends up checkin' out your ride and tellin' you how bad ass it is. We need more bikers as State Troopers!

Could have been a really expensive day but I ended up making just one nice healthy donation to our great state of VT. No I'm not revealing how fast I was going.......
I did slow down a little after that. I love that bike, but one problem: it hates going the speed limit.

Friday, March 20, 2009

March 20

Supposed to be in the 50's on Saturday so the DUC 1098S will get to air it out for the first time in a while. She's been very patient sitting in the garage for the last 4 months waiting for this day. You guys in the south and out west are thinkin' 50's is still too cold. Obviously you have never lived in the Northeast as a hard core biker. Right about now 50's is beach weather for us. I'll strap on the full leather, mount that sexy red head and guaranteed she will make me smile for hours on end. For you fellow bikers, Brian and I also have a pair of 2 stroke projects in the works. A 500cc two stroke motor in an Aprilia RS250 frame. Check it out at our friend Steve's website:
Pics of our bikes asap.....

Enough of my babble, on to this weeks biz......

Long awaited from Norev, the 1978 Alpine Renault LeMans winner. I got a chance to check this out earlier and the quality is excellent for this price range.

If you're into the Military thing, check out the new releases from Signature in the new 1:18 category:

New Books from Coterie Press

I had tons of requests for the McLaren book so we took on some other titles at the same time. Check 'em out here:

A bunch of new Minichamps and some Spark/Redline too

Hope everyone has a good weekend. Keep the rubber side down.......

Saturday, March 14, 2009

March 14

If you're into F1 make sure you check out the Blackberry Storm/Lewis Hamilton videos or search on The gadget technology continues.....crazy stuff.

Finally shades of spring here in VT. It won't be long before we can break out the bikes, Saturday posts/working will be a thing of the past, at least through the summer. Hey, we all need our ways to vent right? Mine just happens to be riding a very sexy Ducati through the mts. of VT.
You know what they say: Ducati's are for guys who can't afford a true!
OK......let's get to some biz.

If you are a member of our Preferred Buyers Club, unadvertised sale going on this weekend through Monday night. During check out enter sale code: MSALE
If you're not a member and want to take advantage, email me to find out more about the Buyers Club and how you can join. Or check it out here:

This week: 1:18 GMP has delivered us the '67 Ferrari 330P4 as driven to victory at Daytona by Amon and Bandini. This will be the last 330 we see for a while, next up is the 312PB and I'm sure we will see a few variations.

Carousel 1 has issued another L-88 Corvette, this time in black with black interior.


More Spark/Redline in this week, the 2008 LeMans releases continue to roll in. You can see the latest arrivals here:

classic Team Lotus transporter

We have been notified that the 1:43 Dan Gurney '67 Eagle by True Scale Miniatures is already pre-sold out. Only 750 are being produced and we still have a few to spare. Pre-order to secure yours. This one will not last, don't snooze.

Looking for something a little different for your Ferrari collection? How about the 312PB engine replica by GMP?

The Car Room Issue #5 is in. This magazine has taken over as the voice of the die cast world. Let Joe Kelley and staff keep you up to speed with all the latest releases and info going on in the hobby.

Hope you all have a good weekend.
Until next week.....

Friday, March 6, 2009

March 6
Our computer issues are hopefully behind us, unfortunately I'm also the in house IT guy so that has been taking up mass quantities of my time. We are finally getting back on track after Chinese New Year. Shipments are picking up and we should be back to full speed shortly.
Thanks to all of you that sent me info on the higher end 1:43 brands. I will keep you all posted of our plans.
Speaking of 1:43, make sure you cruise this weeks new category. Spark has sent us another round of the 2008 LeMans versions including the Spykers and several of the Courage versions.

CMC has delivered the 3rd Sharknose version, this is the '61 Phil Hill Monza GP winner. We have stock on all 3 at this time including the Von Tripps version which came in last week.

More Mattel Ferrari versions that we have waited a long time for have finally shown up. The 2003 Schumacher, the 2007 Schumacher test car which comes with a small piece of a driving suit on the base, the 2007 Raikkonen Drivers Championship version, and we have found some re-tock on the popular MOMO 333SP.
You can view all the new 1:18 for this week here:

CMC has delivered the copper Horch 853. This is just a spectacular piece, and limited edition of just 99 pieces. Sure to stand out in any collection.

For the bike collectors, Bayliss WSB 2007 by Minichamps

The rumor mill has it that GMP will soon add a 412P to the Ferrari series. I can't confirm it for sure nor do I know the exact version yet, but I'd bet my collection that we will see this one before the year is out. Shades of spring here in VT, but we still have several weeks of winter left before we're out of the woods and the motorcycles come out. Hurry up April.
Have a good weekend.
Next time!