Monday, August 24, 2009

Somebody is slackin' this past week huh? Been very busy here, not complaining by any means. You guys (and a few gals) are keepin' me more than busy. Keep those emails coming. BTW, can anyone confirm the rumors that one of our main competitors is going out of business? Hearing a lot of chatter and blow out prices seem to be everywhere on their site. Wonderin' what this crowd is hearing? We have received a ton of new product over the past few weeks. Make sure you're cruising the new sections on the site. This past week alone we received over 40 new models. Let's get to some biz...

This one was sold out within a few weeks. We managed a few more cases, already down to 6 pieces. Lambo Countach LP5000S in white. Don't tell Kevin at Mint Models that I pirated his image.

New Senna 1:2 scale helmet

If you collect helmets, this one is worth adding. 1988 World Championship year for Senna. Workable visor and full padded interior. Look for a decal kit coming soon.


Re-Stock McLaren MP4/8

Senna's final year with McLaren, nicely done by Minichamps.

In that same shipment from Shelby Collectibles that contained the '59 LeMans winning Aston Martin was this '66 Mustang GT350R as driven by Walt Hane. Don't be fooled by the price. These are excellent quality for the modest price tag they carry.

New Dirt Champ from GMP
If you're into the Dirt cars, GMP's latest offering is the Jimmy Caruthers Pizza Hut #55.

Lewis Hamilton 2008 World Champ edition

From the Brazil GP, different aeros and rain tires compared to the regular 2008 version. These are selling quick.

All I can say is check the new 1:43 section for this week. DTM, Can-Am, F1, LeMans, we received a spackling of all. Shown above is one of the special LeMans packaging Minichamps McLaren F1 GTR's. Down to just a few pieces on some of these.

Can-Am re-stocks

The '68 McLaren M6A of Mark Donohue is among some of the popular Can-Am models that were re-stocked. Some of these sold out in a matter of days. Spark doesn't reproduce all that often, so if you missed out on the last batch you're getting a 2nd chance.
Hope you all had better weather than we did this past weekend. Zero miles on the DUC. Yes I said zero. Rain was the norm for both days so it was some driving time behind the desk for me.

Monday, August 17, 2009

Manic Monday

Any of you remember these? The popular 70's Kawi 750 triple 2 strokes? I was fortunate enough to throw a leg over this pristine example over the weekend and rip off a few miles. It's a 1974 completely restored. Talk about making some noise? This thing will announce your arrival for miles in advance. Will also produce many smiles when the power band hooks in. For a bike that is 35 years old, she has some serious giddy-up and go. The sound of the old 2 strokes never goes out of style. Thanks to Scott for the ride and the pic. Oh yeah, he got to ride my Italian mistress!

In the same outing I got to try out Dave's brand new Streetfighter S. Basically the same bike as the 1098 but naked. I must say, much more comfy too! But I won't be tradin' the 1098 anytime soon. That girl is with me for the duration.

Back to biz tomorrow.....


Friday, August 14, 2009


1959 LeMans winner

This one is arriving on Monday, in 1:18 by Shelby Collectibles it's the Aston Martin DBR1 driven to victory by the man himself Carroll Shelby and Roy Salvadori. Impressive detail for this price range, sure to fill a void in your LeMans winners collection. This one will be in big demand and short supply. Order up if you haven't already!

While on the Aston Martin thing......
Just in from Autoart is the 2008 DBR9 LeMans version as driven by David Brabham, Antonio Garcia, Darren Turner. The ever popular Gulf livery never goes out of style and you know that AA is some of the best bang for your buck out there.

While on the Gulf thing....

You 1:24 collectors are limited as to the selection being offered to you these days. But Spark Model has been hookin' you up lately with some great endurance cars. This is the 1970 Porsche 917 Long Tail as driven at LeMans by Rodriguez and Oliver. Even with the sealed body design these in my opinion are the best ready built 1:24's on the market.
New 1:43 line

We have picked up the Fujimi line. The first 3 offerings are Porsche 935 K3 versions. These are extremely good quality for the modest price tag they carry. We will be fully supporting this new line so look for more announcements coming soon.

We can't be all biz today........

Supposed to be a perfect summer weekend weather wise, so instead of driving my desk I see myself rackin' up some serious miles on the DUC. Congrats to brutha Dave on joining the Ducati family. Check out his Streetfighter S, pretty sick ride huh?
Happy 19th Birthday to my daughter Tara.
Hope you all have a good weekend!
Keep the shiny side up...

Sunday, August 9, 2009

good use of a day off......

No work for this dude Saturday, had a free day and made good use of it. Nice little tour through VT. and New York, finally got a summer day to spend with the Italian mistress. Racked up about 250 miles, few pix from Crown Point, NY.

Friday, August 7, 2009

BRE Datsun 240Z

Finally! Somebody listened to what the collector wants. And it was Kyosho who came through for us 1:18 scale collectors. The 1970 SCCA Championship car as driven by John Morton. Heads up on this one, limited numbered edition of just 3,000 pieces. This one will sell out for sure. Delivery will be late September. Don't snooze on this one! We are accepting pre-orders now. We will have images up on the site Monday.

Oh yeah, we're having a sale this weekend at both Replicarz and Sport Craft. Loads of new arrivals in the last week, make sure to cruise the "new arrival" sections for the last few weeks.

A good weekend to all! MF