Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Rolex 24 at Daytona

What a race huh? I was glued to the tube. When Speed
was off air I watched it online. Looking to add the winner 
to your 1:43 collection? Get your pre-order in now. It's
never too early! See it here


Friday, January 25, 2013


Although we have seen several nights in a row well below
zero here in VT, nothing like the -83 below zero recorded on
Mt. Washington Tuesday night. Now that's cold!

Oodles of new 1:43 this week, and a little something for
everyone. Street and racing, past and present. Check
out the latest and order early to avoid missing out on
some of the latest from Spark.

New 1:18 this week from Mattel, Autoart, Minichmps,
Auto World, and Acme. If old LeMans cars are your
thing, make sure you check out this very affordable
BMW 328 from Autoart.

Do you collect the 1:12 Minichamps street bikes. Then
check out this beautiful 1968 BSA Rocket III. These are
the top of the line for two wheelers, and you know I'm a
sucker for anything with two wheels. And that exhaust.....

Those of you in the south and out west, can you please
send us some warmth and sunshine? Heat wave headed
our way next week, we will see some 40's. Get those
beach chairs and umbrellas out.
Good weekend to all.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Simo bike on the way......

Minichamps 1:12 Marco Simoncelli bike is arriving any day,
get your orders in pronto. This one won't last long, already
sold out from Minichamps. You guys down south and out west,
can you send us some warmth and sunshine? It's Brrrrrr degrees
in VT this week.

Monday, January 21, 2013

NYC bike show

Here's a few shots from the NYC bike show that I
hit up this past weekend. It was way over the top but
extremely crowded. We didn't get to see half of it
due to the crazy amount of bike heads like me that
showed up to see the latest greatest and the incredible
customs. It's the SEMA of the bike world.

The biggest rear tire I have ever seen on a motorcycle.

Ben Spies 2012 Moto GP bike.

I want one!

Not quite sure? The paint job was insane.

If I was a cop, this would be my ride.

Old school Choppers were plentiful.

You had to see it to believe it. Grim Reaper.

Happy Monday and MLK day.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Going, going........

2012 Vettel Red Bull 1:18 by Minichamps.
Already sold out from MC, we are down to 10 pieces left.
Order up!

2012 Indy 500 Winner Dario Franchitti
This one is sold out from Greenlight and selling like
hot cakes. No snoozing please.........

Thursday, January 10, 2013

More Indy FYI

We have had this question asked a lot: Why are we
reproducing the 1973 STP Eagle Gordon Johncock
Indy winner? Some how the original Carousel 1 release
was produced in the wrong color. Here's a comparison
of the original C1 release and our sample of team mate
Swede Savage. These cars should both be the same color.

Here's a shot of the real deal at the IMS Museum.
The Johncock and Savage models will both be available
in April. Find them in the 1:18 Replicarz Exclusive listings here.

TGIF is in the air.........MF

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Indy update

Not the best images but this is the final sample of the
Marmon Wasp. Note we have added the leather strap
on the hood and the model will have Firestone markings
on the tires.

We are extremely happy with the engine detail. Keep in mind
that you can't do much to dress up a 100 year old motor. The
wiring and colors look to be spot on.

Here's a sneak peak of the '73 Swede Savage STP Eagle.
This and team mate Gordon Johncock '73 winner will come
in March. You can see our current Indy listings here

More new announcements coming soon, stay tuned!

Thursday, January 3, 2013

Short week, sneak peek.....

If you collect 1:18 vintage LeMans, you know it's slim
pickins these days. Very cool '59 Triumph by Kyosho. 


Minichamps 1:18 McLaren Lewis Hamilton Canada GP 2010.
The driver figure is outside the car like this is a nice touch and
very realistic. Katha has some great images loaded on the site,
see them here. 

New 1:43 this week from Ebbro including this sweet little
Sigma MC73 LeMans version. We also received an IXO
shipment late today, so the new 1:43 category will be updated
again tomorrow.
That's it, I'm out.
Here comes the weekend!