Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Hidden treasures.....

Greetings all,
The flow of new arrivals is border line out of control. The factories are all gearing up for the annual Chinese New Year shut down period, so they are pushing hard right now to get out as much product as possible before the workers go off and party for a month straight!

Contrary to what you might think, January is a very busy month for us.
I'm headed to Germany in a few weeks for the International Toy Fair. I will be posting pix and info from the show. If you have any brands that you currently purchase elsewhere because we don't carry it, please let me know. We are always looking to expand our offerings and customer feedback is the best place to get this info.

OK, let's get to the heart of the matter here.
For starters, 1:43 Steve McQueen set of 2. This set was only available to our Preferred Buyers Club members so you would not have seen this on the site or in the catalog. We have a few sets left that I'm throwing out to any followers of the blog. Very rare to say the least, the average 1:43 collector doesn't even know these exist. Limited edition of just 333 pieces each, thus the reason for the high price tag. Sold only as a set of two. Any questions about this just drop me a line.

In doing inventory recently we discovered quite a few items that we had marked as sold out and no longer available. Here's a few that I know we could have sold 5 times over had we known that we had them in stock.

Minichamps 1:12 McLaren F1 GTR Silver
BBR 1:18 Ferrari boat

We have just 3 available, then gone for good!
Re-stock Kyosho 1:12 Ferrari F40

One of Kyosho's all time best sellers.....
TSM 1:18 Coke Porsche 935
This one just arrived today, pre-orders being shipped now.
1:12 bikes by Minichamps
1981 Kawasaki KR350 World Champ Toni Mang
Vintage MV Agusta
1972 750S
Last week......Slew of new 1:18
Click on the image to see all the new 1:18 from last week.

Incredible amount of new 1:43

Spark, IXO, Minichamps and more.
Street cars, racing cars, crazy European stuff too!

Senna Statue
Very limited edition, these are selling fast!
Moto GP 2009 Season review

A tid bit on slot cars. I'm still learning this stuff remember.
The quality and detail on some of the current slot cars is
down right incredible. I consistantly hear from customers
that tell me they buy slots to display only, that they never
see a track. Especially the 1:32 scale. They are that good.
And given the fact that the slot mfg. are producing a lot of
the great F1 and Can-Am cars from the past. Click on the
image to see the latest arrivals, or you can cruise either of
our sites to see our extensive selection of slot sets, cars, and
all accessories.

Another mother-load of new arrivals already in
this week. Will be posting more info on that shortly.
Till then.....

Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy New Year!

OK, the holidays are behind us. We have also completed the daunting year end task of counting our inventory. The crazy work schedule will get back to some sort of normalcy if there is such a thing. Mark will get back to updating his blog on a very regular basis.

A big thank you goes out to all of you that support us. Even with the craziness of the world economy, we still had an excellent year and we owe it to our good repeat customers. We look forward to serving you in 2010 and beyond.
Now let's get down to some of the important stuff: New Models! You all know I'm partial to motorcycles so let's start there.
BTW, I finally figured out how to put links into the pictures, so by clicking on the pix it will bring you directly to the site where you can get more info or purchase.

1:6 scale

CB750/4 by Minichamps. HUGE is all I can say!


Minichamps 1970 MV Agusta Agostini


Finally got some of the orange 911 GT3 RS in stock


The first wave of 1:18 F1 from Minichamps
Another great version of the Maserati Tipo 61

Riverside winner 1960 Bill Krause

1989 Batmobile

Featured in Batman and Batman Returns Movies

Franklin Mint 1965 Mustang 45th Anny edition

Mark Donohue Tribute Set
This one is sure to sell out quickly!

2008 Brazil GP Hamilton World Champion

New Premium X versions

Coke Porche versions now in stock

New Spark shipment just arrived

OK, that should hold you guys till Monday.
Have a good one!