Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Look what I got today....

Just like all of you, I'm like a little kid when UPS shows up every day. Today, totally out of the blue I received one of the first Ferrari 250 Testarossa's off the assembly line from CMC. This one will make your head spin when you see the detail. By far, the best model they have produced to date. 1,653 individual pieces, hand assembled to produce a truly stunning die cast model. Most likely you are looking at the 1:18 scale model of the year!

Considered by many as the sexiest Ferrari ever produced.....

Removable hood secured with leather straps, rear bonnet has stainless steel prop.

Fully wired and plumbed V12 engine. The only thing it won't do is fire!

Stainless steel gas tank, spare tire secured with leather straps

Leather seats, authentic gauge cluster with all wiring, glass faced speedo and tach....

Complete under-chassis detail including real copper brake lines and metal drive-line components.
Bottom line, this one will not disappoint! If you collect 1:18 Ferrari's, without a doubt you need to make room for this one. This is true museum quality stuff at a fraction of the cost.
I have not heard a definite ship date from them yet, most likely 30-45 days out. If you haven't pre-ordered now is the time to get your order in. These will be in short supply and big demand for the first few months after the initial release.
Till next time....
From last weeks "new" arrivals, some limited editions that won't be around long. For the 1:18 crowd: The Ferrari F430 boat by BBR, we are down to just 6 pieces left. No re-stock available on this one. Very cool piece!


Also from BBR, Ferrari F430 GT test car. Limited edition of 59 pieces. Huh, 59 pieces? That's what I call a limited edition.


Minichamps 1971 Mercedes 300 SEL, the past releases in this series have sold out quickly. These are some of the few early DTM cars produced in 1:18 scale.


Hailwood Ducati 900SS
Reproduction, one of the best selling race bikes all time. 1:12 by Minichamps


1:43 HPI
Two new versions of the Porsche GT1, these are the FIA GT versions from 1998. HPI is producing some of the best 1:43 on the market. They have found their niche with opening features and detailed engines, something you don't see veruy often on 1:43 models.



Nigel Mansell 1985 Williams F1
Minichamps continues their assault on the classic F1 market. These are excellent quality and very fairly priced. No other manufacturer produces such a broad range of current and vintage F1 in 1:43.


Catch ya'll soon!

Friday, September 18, 2009


Tons of 1:43 new arrivals, including some of the 2009 LeMans versions. The link below will bring you directly to the "new 1:43 " category for this week. The 2009 Peugeot's and the Aston Martin's look incredible.


Redline 1:43 Grand Prix cars are gaining popularity. These are the top of the line for ready builts. We just received the 1974 B3 Ferrari Spain GP winner of Nicki Lauda.


Also, the 1974 Nurburgring winner of Regazzoni


Lotus 25 of Mike Hailwood. This is one of the few GP models we have seen so far of Hailwood, very nicely done by Spark.


SCX digital F1 slot car set
OK, if you've been thinkin' about a slot car track then you should take us up on our deal of the day. Complete set including three F1 cars and everything you need to get back into the hobby that pretty much all of us enjoyed as kids. The digital age brings us passing, pit stops with re-fueling, and posted lap times. The digital sets allow for up to 8 cars to run on a 2 lane track. Cool stuff for sure!


And if by chance you're already a slot car junkie, cruise our misc. section to see the new car and accessories for this week. Shown is the Ninco Ford GT race version


That's about it for this week. Fall is upon us here in New England, the number of riding days are dwindling so weather permitting I'll be bustin' out some miles this weekend.
Hope you all have a good one!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Quickie for Thursday night....

We just received our initial shipment of the 1:18 scale GMP Ferrari 312PB. This is the 1972 Daytona Winner driven Jacky Ickx and Mario Andretti. The model looks incredible by the way. If you pre-ordered this one, it's most likely on the way to you today. If you didn't pre-order, we have very little excess stock remaining. Our next shipment won't come till next month sometime.

A little bit about the model: Constructed from over 750 individual components, hand asssembled to bring us this stunning Ferrari replica. This is the latest release in the "Masterpiece Collection" by GMP. It's also the first high end model produced of the historic 312PB. Sure to please even the most demanding collector with exceptional detail and accuracy. Look for more info on this series of classic Ferrari's coming soon.

Mmmmm....pretty tasty!

1:43 crowd: make sure you check the website tomorrow. We received a bomb from Spark/Bizarre/Redline and we will have all listed in the "new" section tomorrow. Keep an eye out for our weekly email blast early Friday with details on all the new arrivals this week. If you don't receive it, sign up here:

Have a good night.
ps....if you haven't seen it before, make sure you watch the first video. Absolutely insane. And you guys think we're crazy about our display models.....

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Week of 9-11

Some of the blogs I visit went deep on the 9-11 Anniversary thing, and rightfully so. I will leave it at this: let us never forget! And of course, know your enemy....

A lot of new arrivals in the past week. Seein' as I'm jonesin' to put some 2 wheel miles on today, let's start with the 1:12 bikes.
Minchamps is trying to catch up with the older Moto GP releases that are years past due. As most of us know, the company theory "better late than never" is just part of the game if you collect this brand. They do produce the best bike models on the market, so they are worth waiting for.
2007 Ducati Casey Stoner Aussie GP

Cool piece, but I'm partial to the bikes in red...one of these will be living on my desk for a while.

2006 Honda Nicky Hayden World Champ


Also, 2007 Ducati Pramac Barros and Hofman you can find here:

Bat Cycle

If you're into the Batman stuff, these will go fast. I would love to ride this with my brother in the side car.

OK on to the 1:18
Autoart Lambo Gallardo Superleggero


Kyosho Audi R8 DTM Safety Car


Caterham Super Seven

The first version of this sold out in a week. Another limited edition, this is green fendered version

Mercedes 300 SLR Gull Wing

Minichamps has re-issued this timeless classic. If you missed it first time around don't snooze this time. For the money, this is one of the best examples of the SLR.
Reath Auto Altered Fiat
By GMP/ACME this one is limited edition of just 996. Excellent quality and unique piece that will surely sell out.
OK, workin' half a day today. If the weather cooperates I might get a few miles in.
Hope you all have a good weekend.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Happy Labor Day!

Spark is also going to make many of you 1:18 scale collectors happy campers. Three new LeMans winners just announced: 1994 Dauer Porsche, 1980 Rondeau M379B, and 1972 Matra Simca. The data queen already has these set up on the web for pre-order. Or just drop me a line if you want to order. All are scheduled for 4th qtr. delivery




Quickie today, few hours of work then headin' out for some miles on the DUC.
Hope all of you have the day off......enjoy!

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Spark answers.....

For the 1:43 crowd, Spark has answered your prayers. Finally, somebody will produce models of the Daytona Prototypes. The first two will be winning cars of the prestigeous Rolex 24. 2009 Brumos Porsche driven by Donohue/Law/Barbosa and the 2005 Suntrust Riley Pontiac driven by Taylor/Angelelli/Collard. We will have these set up shortly and accepting pre-orders. More announcements coming soon so stay tuned!


Pretty cool but why?

Scroll down and watch the video....