Wednesday, June 23, 2010

A story of pictures......

On Saturday I got a beautiful day for a ride over to New Hampshire
for the Annual Laconia Bike week finale weekend, which by the way
is the oldest bike rally in the USA. Once I got close to the action, I
took the long way around the eastern shore of Lake Winnipesaukee.
This was about an 80 mile tour, absolutely beautiful scenery and mega
twisties which the red head I was traveling with loves.
Click on any of the pics to increase the size. All were taken with the droid,
handy little gadget......

As I'm cruising through the small town of Melvin Village, NH
I see this:

A quick U-turn and back I go to check it out......
The next 2 pictures were taken through the front window
as there is not a soul around.
1911 Franklin

Very early 1900's Ford

Out front is an array of early 1920's/1930's Fords
that are all for sale.

Of course the red head had to get in the picture, she's
jealous like that!
The guys shown in this picture tell me they know the owner
of this shop, they stop by every year while in the area. They
also tell me that Melvin Village has several "older car guys"
that have a fettish for vintage cars. They have kind of a
competition going among themselves. They were hoping to
get inside a barn across the street that houses 4 vintage
Stanley Steamers. I hung with them for about an hour hoping
to tag along for that little tour, but unfortunately it didn't happen.
Here's a few close ups of the Fords.

Ford Model A Tudor

Another classic Ford-I think the owner is a Ford guy.....

1932 Ford Tudor Custom Street Rod

The barn that houses the Stanley Steamers.....

So I put all my riding gear back on, as I'm getting ready
to get back on the road I look next door at what I thought
was just a regular gas station. But the '32 Ford Woody sitting
out front was a bit of a give away.....
Voila, welcome to McGee Motors

Complete with vintage Texaco pump, old Ford Tanker
in the backround, various old Ford's in the yard. Again,
all for sale.

Ummmm, here's the price tag of the Woody.

A few good pics of this gem.......

And it was pristine!

Early 1920's Ford (of course) Pick up truck

Again, not a soul around this place either. This is a shot
taken through the front window. Both of these places
were small museums inside the showrooms.

Of course the owner has plenty of old Texaco models in the window!

325 miles on the bike, one minor set back when I was paid a
visit by Mr. John L. Law who just happens to be a NH State Trooper........
Not as expensive as it could have been considering I could have been
in jail for the night, but I'm definitely a little poorer this week than I was last!
Oh well, everything comes with a price, especially FUN!!!

OK, so after all those miles on the bike I had to get to the future
son-in-laws semi-pro soccer game which is 100 plus miles away.
I hop into the Z and grind out another 225 in the car.....
My day started at 6:00am and it all ended at about midnight.....
Long day on the road but oh so fun!

Till next time!

Friday, June 18, 2010


A few days early, but Happy Fathers Day to all you Dads!
F/D promotion going on at all 3 websites through Monday:
$25.00 off all orders over $200.00.
use promo code "daddy"

OK, for you 1:43 guys. A few that will be sold out within days

2009 Brumos Porsche Daytona 24 Hour winner
We have tried to re-order and it is already sold out.

Lola T333 Patrick Tombay

1977 Mosport Winner, only 4 left at the time of posting
Act now or forever hold your peace!!

First round of Schuco 1:43

Mercedes SLS AMG: Looks sweet!!
New 1:18 arrivals

We have been waiting for this one for almost 3 years!
'63 Corvette Coupe in blue by Autoart

Masterpiece Ferrari series by GMP

This is the 330 P4 prototype in red. Only 330 produced
and we were allocated 30 pieces The plain jane prototypes
are not really my favorite, but these are great donor models
for those of you that like to produce your own versions.
TSM Tyrrell P34 Six wheeler
I had the chance to really look at one of these closely,
and I have to say very impressive. Hats off to Glen and
the crew at Sunrich for making these 1:18 classsic F1 happen.
A real bargain at this price point. All the body pieces fit very
well and the engine detail is superb. Can't wait for them to
expand this 1:18 series.
Spark 1:87 series

For any of you that like the little stuff, we just received
a new wave of 2009 LeMans models in 1:87. Click to go
to the category of the latest arrivals. Myself, I like the
big stuff but it is pretty crazy how detailed these little
guys are.
1:12 Honda CBX by Minichamps

Anybody that was a biker in the 80's, you couldn't mistake
the sound of this inline 6 cylinder monster. Although Honda
considered it a flop by sales standards, look at what they sell
for on ebay these days. Good condition they go for big dough!!
OK that's it for this cat.
Laconia this weekend, maybe a remote blog post from Weirs Beach?
Peace out!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Played Hooky Friday.....

To hit up the Americade Bike rally over in Lake George, NY
This is the largest rally in the USA, this year they estimated
over 50,000 bikers in attendance. This was just one of the
parking areas. Bikes as far as you could see!

Walked around for hours just looking at all the different makes.
A few that were stand outs included this full carbon fiber Buell.
And for those of you that love the vintage bikes, how
about this 1969 Honda Dream 305. Absolutely pristine

It takes place every June and for any of you that might
consider it for next year, you won't be disappointed.

Now back to work!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

New BMW ART car.....

Are we safe to say that this will hands down be the most colorful car at LeMans next weekend?
Who will be the first mfg. to produce a model of it?
Check it out on youtube: