Friday, January 25, 2013


Although we have seen several nights in a row well below
zero here in VT, nothing like the -83 below zero recorded on
Mt. Washington Tuesday night. Now that's cold!

Oodles of new 1:43 this week, and a little something for
everyone. Street and racing, past and present. Check
out the latest and order early to avoid missing out on
some of the latest from Spark.

New 1:18 this week from Mattel, Autoart, Minichmps,
Auto World, and Acme. If old LeMans cars are your
thing, make sure you check out this very affordable
BMW 328 from Autoart.

Do you collect the 1:12 Minichamps street bikes. Then
check out this beautiful 1968 BSA Rocket III. These are
the top of the line for two wheelers, and you know I'm a
sucker for anything with two wheels. And that exhaust.....

Those of you in the south and out west, can you please
send us some warmth and sunshine? Heat wave headed
our way next week, we will see some 40's. Get those
beach chairs and umbrellas out.
Good weekend to all.

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