Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Replicarz 1:18 Land Speed Cars

Yes you read that correctly. The first two models in the series will
honor Mickey Thompson and Challenger 1. Approx. 20 inches in
length, these resin cast models will make a statement within your
collection. Image is of pre-production prototype. We are shooting
for 3rd qtr delivery. Faithfully reproduced and fully licensed.
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More cars will be added soon.
Stay tuned!


  1. are these going to have full chassis detail, engines, etc.?

  2. Please also consider building a 1:18 model of the Campbell Bluebird CN7 Proteus LSR. Many people would really like to add that one to their collections. The Bluebird CN7 Proteus is one of the most beautiful looking LSRs ever......and people will surely line up to buy the model if it is made...... Hopefully licensing for such a model is "feasible" and it does not end up way too expensive for most collectors.