Saturday, May 30, 2015

1:18 Blue Crown Special Update

Here's an update on our 1:18 Blue Crown Special project. Hats off
to brother Brian and our factory for their painstaking efforts to get
everything right and even the smallest detail has not been overlooked.
You can click on any of the images to see them full size.

A good example of this is the grill. The #27 car was an early prototype.
The #3 car is the final proof we just received. Brian didn't like the
spacing on the #27, so the grill was redesigned to be more accurate.
It looks great!

A view of the engine bay shows more upgrades that have been
done to this area. Also, possibly a first in the hobby: The body of the
model is resin, but the opening hood is stamped metal. We call this
a hybrid design. And who said you can't have opening features on a
resin model? We are re-writing the rule book guys!

Very accurate and lots of metal pieces here.

Same in the rear with accurate and well detailed disc brakes.

OK the leather hood straps. We have listened to our customers who
often wrestle and break leather straps trying to get them undone.
Brian worked long and hard on this problem. We came up with what
we consider one of the best solutions to conquer this issue that even
the best manufacturers struggle with.

Notice the latch type posts that protrude from the body. The photo
etch metal buckles simply slide into these latches. As you can see
in the above picture the belts are tight and still give the authentic
look we were after.

The exhaust exit area was also upgraded and is now 100% accurate.

The exhaust pipe tip is often over looked and considered not a big
deal. It is to us and this final sample looks awesome.
Replicarz Indy: The difference is in the details.

If you have an order in you're set. If you don't and you collect
1:18 Indy winners, now is the time to make a move. We are
basically building to order on all three Blue Crown winners.
Don't get caught snoozing.........
Go to our 1:18 Indy category now, just click here.

Lastly, I know a lot of you are patiently waiting for the Paxton 
Turbine. We are expecting the final sample to arrive in 2 weeks.
I will be doing something similar when that arrives. We should
also have tentative delivery date at that time.

Brian, myself, and the whole Replicarz crew appreciate all the
support. We really do appreciate your business.
And we look forward to bringing you many, many more Indy
winners down the road.

Until next time,

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  1. Your bonnet belt solution sounds really good. I think I can live with the "latch slots" that the belt buckles insert into, but do not be surprised if some will not agree, as the diecast collecting community is quite picky about a detail they might consider not accurate, but then, we can also ask them, "How many times have you opened up the hoods/bonnets on your models with belts on them??". For me personally, I have models I owned for some years that I actually never opened their hoods, in fear of stretching out and/or breaking their belts. So this solution looks good to me.. Have you also ever considered small rare earth magnets behind the belt buckles, so you will not have the latch slots on the car body??