Thursday, November 29, 2012

M-B Patentwagon 1886

OK the ebay seller listed this as a 1:8 Franklin Mint.
I know FM did produce this model back in the day.

But look at the tag, Made by CMC?
Anybody have any knowledge of CMC ever producing
this one? Maybe an exclusive for Franklin Mint?

I have been dealing with CMC since day 1 and have
never seen or heard of them doing this model.
Love to hear from anyone that has more info.

Thanks to long time customer Jim S. for bringing this to my
attention. And Jim is the proud owner of this sweet find too.
I can smell the weekend........


  1. Hi Mark
    CMC did produce a Benz patent engine car it is 1/10 scale and it is on the CMC home page under history they have all the cars there that CMC has produced over the years. I have bid on a number of these models over the years on ebay but haven't been able to get one yet.

  2. Good info, never knew they listed the old models on their website. Thanks! MF