Saturday, November 24, 2012

1:18 Marmon Wasp update

Here's a few photos we just received from the factory.
Not the best images but you can clearly see the progress
that we have made since the last sample. This sample will
arrive to us on Tuesday. If all looks good we give them the
green light to start production.

Yes we are guilty of many delays with this model.
Brian and I consider this to be "thee" most significant Indy
500 winner of all time. We want to produce the most
accurate and well detailed model we can while still
keeping the price affordable for the average collector.

As most of the you know, originally this was going to be a
sealed body design. Well as you can see we decided to
change that plan and the model has a fully wired and
plumbed engine. This was one of the delays that we feel was
well worth the effort. It looks great and we hope you guys
feel the same way.

We are still accepting pre-orders. Realistically this is
now a 1st qtr 2013 arrival. By the time we deliver it
we may be sold out. We have pre-sold approx. 75%
of the production run. Don't get caught snoozing on this
Have a good weekend!

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