Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Farewell to a dear friend

On Monday Nov. 13, our good friend and long time Replicarz
customer Tim Vickridge passed away just a few weeks shy of his
58th birthday.. R.I.P. Tim! This incredible man from Western
Australia fought a long hard battle with pancreatic cancer. After
beating it twice over a five year period, unfortunately he lost the
third round to this deadly disease.

Tim still holds (and probably always will) the record for traveling
the longest distance to visit us here at Replicarz in 2006. He was
extremely passionate about his collecting hobby. Anything to do
with Australian drivers was one of his themes, military aircraft
another, along with owning just about every Gilles Villeneuve model
ever produced. I'm told by those close to him that his entire Gilles
Villeneuve collection is being donated to the Gilles Villeneuve
Museum in Canada. What a great thing to do! Tim was also responsible
for bringing so many new customers to Replicarz over the years. His
word of mouth advertising for us was a regular occurrence, and
we very much appreciated his help in spreading the word. Notice he's
wearing one of his Replicarz t-shirts in the top photo. He has touched
the lives of so many in our hobby, Tim will be dearly missed by all
that knew him, including myself.
Farewell my friend!


  1. I knew Tim well and attended his funeral service yesterday. It was very 'Tim'. From Darth Vader leading the procession in to the Star Wars themed casket and Gilles Villeneuve memorabilia and Canadian flag on display it was a fitting sendoff for a much loved man. Tim always spoke highly of you all at Replicarz. Will any of you be attending the Nuremberg Toyfair in January? It'd be great to catch up for a chat.

    Richard Poole - Apex Replicas Pty Ltd

  2. Today I picked up the phone on your birthday to call you, and see what we were doing as per every year the last few. Yet when it was switched off I was worried. And now I see you left us, and I missed the whole event. Lots of love laughter and compassion for you Tim. The world is poorer without you, You were such a breath of fresh air ,such a fighter and so uplifting. Such a funny yet deep soul. The very best of laughter on your travels. Sorry I was not there to honour you but I certainly respect and honour all you achieved in life. You are not forgotten, You fought long and hard and with such dignity. You brought laughter to life, your walk on earth made it a richer place. Big Hug