Wednesday, August 16, 2017

1:18 Scarab project

Our first 1:18 Scarab will be the 1959 Meadowdale winner driven
by Jim Jeffords. AKA the Nickey Nouse car. Below are some
comparison photos of the previous prototype versus the latest one
we just received. Brian has been working hard to get the engine bay
correct, as well as the side pipes. He is relentless!

Old sample above, new sample below.

Now the engine bay. Our factory was ready to go into production,
but Brian said no way. Hey, maybe I'm biased because he's my
brother, but this guy is good!

This is the old design. A meager attempt at best.

Much cleaner with accurate fittings, and notice
the correct color and shape of the headers.

Even the cockpit has been cleaned up a bit.
Hopefully this shines a little light on the revision
process that we go through to get even the small
details as accurate as possible.
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  1. While a big E is common on restored cars and from 1970 until today, I don't recall ever seeing one before 1970.