Friday, February 20, 2015

New Arrivals Feb. 20

New 1:43 this week includes three new Replicarz Indy releases.
Both the '70 and '71 Johnny Lightning PJ Colts and the 1928
Louis Meyer Miller are here. And they look great.
See all of our 1:43 Indy here.  

Quite a few new 1:18 arrivals this week from Minichamps, Kyosho,
Acme, and AutoWorld. Included is the Buick Wildcat Concept car
by Minichamps. The Concept Car series has been very popular and
these sell out quickly. Check out all the new 1:18 here. 

We received the last shipment on the two new Juan Fangio
figurines by LeMans Miniatures. So these will be sold out
shortly. These are very high quality and realistic figurines.
They look awesome when displayed with your favorite model
or garage scene. We stock a wide range of LeMans Miniatures.
See the whole range here. 

OK for those of you wondering about the weather in VT?
Well, so far this month it has been below zero 13 of the 19 days.
Snow? Let's just say we have enough to last us for a long-long time.
You guys in the warmer climates, please send sunshine!

Hope everybody has a good weekend!
Only 20 days till the F1 season opener.


  1. Mark, been a long time, hope you are well. How do you guy's go about buying collections? Steve Sweeney, Minot ND.

  2. Received the 1928 Miller Indy winner yesterday and all I can say is what an absolute gem! Looks much better in my hand than the photos! Looking forward to seeing a lot more of the 'rarer' Indy winners, pre 1964! And any roadsters, winners or not!