Friday, March 21, 2014

New 1:18 Indy Announcements

OK six new models announced today, all Indy 500 winners.
1925 Miller Louis Meyer
1939 Boyle Special Wilbur Shaw
1947 Blue Crown Mauri Rose
1970 Johnny Lightning Colt Al Sr.
1971 Johnny Lightning Colt Al Sr.
1980 Chaparral 2K Johnny Rutherford.
No definite delivery dates at this time, but we are accepting pre-orders.
All will be very limited editions.
See them all in this category. 

Good weekend to all!


  1. Awesome! So happy someone has finally decided to do a larger scale model of the Chaparral, and Colt's. Two of the most iconic Indycars, and liveries in the sport's history.

  2. Wow I'm excited! Thank you guys for making these!

  3. cool cant wait to hear when they'll be rready