Tuesday, February 18, 2014

What color was the Marmon Wasp?

Let the controversy begin? Or shall we say continue?
What color was the Marmon Wasp? Of course our original
1:18 release was produced based on the restored version as
the car sits today at the IMS museum. This is the car that most
people know and associate as the Marmon Wasp.
But is it correct?

After exhausting research, consulting many Indy historians,
and listening to our customers we have decided to produce
a 1:18 version that we believe will replicate the car as it
looked on race day. The rear stinger will have a down sweep
to it, the car will be a burnt orange color, white tires, and
included will be a realistic driver figure of Ray Harroun.
Only 600 being produced, pre-order or read more here. 

More Indy news coming soon!

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