Saturday, March 2, 2013

Another big week............

Of new arrivals at Replicarz.. Over 30 new 1:43
releases from IXO including some great American
cars in the Premium X series. Different variations of
the iconic AMC Pacer, the Stutz Blackhawk, and
there's even a 1950 Nash Ambassador LAPD car.
Good stuff and worth your time to cruise our new
1:43 category for this week. 

Another new 1:43 arrival in the Mullin Collection by
Minichamps. This is the 1939 Bugatti 57C Aravis in
two tone blue and cream. This exceptional series will
span over 22 releases of what many consider to be one
of the finest automobile collections on the planet. See all
the 1:43 Mullin Collection here. 

Minichamps beats the competition to the punch by being
the first to release the McLaren MP4/12C in 1:18 scale
Other new 1:18 releases this week from Autoart and Auto
World's latest Funny Car release. See all the new 1:18 here.

T-minus 13 days for the start of the F1 season. This
guy looks like he's adjusting to his new team quickly.
Should be a great season. Some great photos from
Barcelona, click here.

OK, good weekend to all.

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