Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Oldie but goldie

Keep in mind this short flick is almost 40 years old. Some great film work considering the equipment back then was stone age compared to what we have today. Big thanks to Jim K. for the link. I can smell the weekend. MF


  1. Great bit of footage but I was devasted to find it was in a Mercedes not a Ferrari, they speed up the film and added the sound later. And no an F-1 driver wasn't punting it. Still it is nice to dream.

  2. I've seen this numerous times and each time I come away with something different, such as: how many times he comes close to losing it; he passes an early '70's Mustang Sport Roof; he goes the wrong way down several streets; all of the people he HAD to have hacked off by going the wrong way down those streets; he takes insane chances flying around pedestrians; he has to abort one Right turn because he's going too fast; all of the blatant red lights he blows through with ZERO regard for anyone's safety, let alone his own.

    I suppose that how cool this film is considered is totally dependent upon ones age. When I was younger (I just turned 53 on 5/4), I thought that this was one of the coolest films EVER. Now that I've aged...a bit, I find myself cringing a little more. The chances he takes are all well and good - if he has GREAT insurance and can deal with the possibility of decreasing the surplus population with his potential demise. Otherwise, cool film!