Tuesday, May 25, 2010


After reading this article yesterday, it looked positive that F1 would return to the US and even better that it might be right in our backyard in NY state:


Nix that whole idea, looks like Texas has it wrapped up......


Never been to Texas, I hear everything is big??


Friday, May 21, 2010


Somebody has been a slacker the last few weeks huh?
That means you guys have been keeping me busy!

Some great stuff has arrived lately, and some new info
to pass on to you too! I'll try to cover the most significant,
before I bust out early and get this weekend started!
Wife is out of town so that means road trip on the DUC.

OK, you know I'm a bike junkie so let's start with these:

Minichamps 1:6

These are huge and very detailed. If you collect street bikes
any of these will stand out in your collection. This is the 1973
Kawasaki 750 Z2 which was a follow up to the 900 Z1 of which
I owned one back in the day.

Re-stock just in!

The one that started the whole sport bike revolution,
the Honda CB750/4. The first batch of these sold out in
just a few days. We have finally received re-stock.
Minichamps 1:12 Maserati Birdcage

We have been waiting for this one to arrive for a while now.
1960 LA Times winner as driven by Carroll Shelby.
This 1st large scale version of the Birdcage is sure to please
those of you that collect the big stuff. Exceptional job on the
tubular chassis and cockpit area. Just plain good stuff!

Good shot of the engine detail by the blonde!

GMP 1:18 Ferrari 330 P4 dirty version
Very limited edition that not many are aware of.
We received a small air shipment and this might be
the only ones we get. If the weathered versions
are of interest to you, don't snooze on this one!

New from CMC!

Arriving next week, 1:18 scale Mercedes SSKL as
driven to victory at the German GP by Rudolf Caracciola.
This one is quite different from the previous SSKL release.
I like the fenderless look myself!
1:18 Lucybelle

This one will also be arriving next week.
1958 Ferrari 250 Testarossa as driven to a
7th place finish at LeMans by Americans Ed Hugus
and Ray Erickson. Now the interesting part: This
is considered the "restored" version of the car. CMC
has thrown us a curve ball on this one. They recently
informed us that they are also producing this model
in "race" trim. The answer to the $64,000.00 question:
what's the difference? Well, after beating them up for a
while they finally provided this info:
*Exact positioning of the auxiliary head lamps in front of the radiator grill
*The white number panels are framed with a dark blue stripe
*Authentic style of lettering for the starting number 22
*Angular positioning of the starting number on the rear end
*One additional lamp for the illumination of the rear number
*Left front fender shows the US flag and the Ferrari logo
*Right front fender has “LUCYBELLE II” lettering
*Right rear fender is equipped with three additional lamps
*Cover for the co-pilot’s seat
*Wiper for the driver’s side
*Splash guard on the rear wheel housing
*Englebert wheels with correct tire pattern
If you have CMC082 (restored) on order but want to change to
the race version (CMC086) please let us know asap.
The bad news: The race version is not coming until the 4th qtr.
Well a while back I told you all that we were getting back on board
with Tony. Well it's true, and although we have a ton of the older
codes now back in stock we have some of the new models arriving
next week. We will get our first look at the Exoto Ferrari Sharknose.
I am constantly asked how does it compare to the CMC version.
So stay tuned for my first hand comparison.

'88 Jag LeMans winner

Yes the price has been bumped in normal Exoto fashion,
but you have to admit this is one of the most beautiful
endurance racers of all time IMO. This one will be in stock
by mid week.
Kyosho's new 1:18 upgraded Ferrari 250 GTO
They never actually told us what the upgrades were besides
the price tag, but I did take a look at this one and it looks pretty
damn sweet. And it's not red which is either good or bad depending
on your collecting tendencies.
New colors of the Audi R8 which by the way I WANT ONE!!

Silver w/black markers

Or black with silver markers.

Some new 1:43.....

Very interesting piece from Spark.
Porsche 935 Martini with Bicycle and figures.
They didn't give us much info and I wasn't successful at
finding much online. So if you know the history of this one
please drop me a line. They call it a land speed attempt?
Loads of new 1:43 arrivals this week including several of
the Minichamps Audi R8 race versions. (did I mention that I want one)
Click the image to see our complete list of new 1:43 for this week.

New line of 1:43
Luxury Die Cast specializes in Cadillacs and the Presidential
limo versions are exceptional for this price point. Check 'em out!

OK, that should hold you for the weekend.
Hope everyone has a good one!
See ya'll next week!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Our April give away....

And the winner is.....

Sunday, May 2, 2010


Worked 1/2 day, then did this.......

A few stops along the way

Near by Killington Ski area, still top to bottom snow.
Closed for the season, but plenty of hard core people
up there on this 80 degree day hiking it for those last
few runs of the year.

Headed west into New York State

Historic Fort Ticonderoga:

I live within an hour and have never visited this place.
Figured it would be a good day for it?
Umm yeah, guess I should have checked the website
myself before heading out. The visitor center doesn't
open for the year till May 22. Oh well, another day trip